The boot is right and left, the back security strap must always be towards outside - see picture below.

1) 0pen the boot and fold out the back part of the boot & stick together the front part.

2) Put the hoof with its toe first and using both your hands try to fit the hoof symetrically inside the boot.

3) Fold the back part of the boot and put the leg down the ground.

4) Make sure the hoof inside is still symetrically situated. After you can secure the boot on both sides with velcro. This is how you secure the boot on the hoof.

5) Now we need to secure the boot with the last back strap using optimal strenght. The end of the back strap need to be secured under the rubber band.

6) To make sure our boots and size fit: using both your hands pick up the leg and the boot - try to rotate the boot on both sides. Then walk the horse so the boots will fit in and try again.

If the hoof stay firm inside the boot - that is right. If the hoof is moving inside the boot, then you possibly need a smaller size. Ask your local dealer to exchange the size for you.